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Warwick Constructions Pty Ltd is a specialist residential construction company building exclusive, architecturally designed homes and renovations in the Melbourne metropolitan area. The company concentrates on a small number of jobs at any one time, allowing a high level of focus to be placed upon on working closely with clients and architects to deliver projects of distinguished quality in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

At Warwick Constructions, we provide a professional and collaborative approach, based on sound working relationships with clients, architects and subcontractors. We pride ourselves on providing value for money, attention to detail and timely delivery of even the most complex and challenging projects.

Our Approach

Warwick Constructions can be engaged on a project through a  tender process. Alternatively, we can document your requirements by means of an ‘open-book’ estimate, whereby all parts of the estimated costs are shown, including a pre-agreed margin. The open-book method allows Warwick Constructions to add value by being involved right from the concept stage through the design to the building phase, advising on costs, buildability and, if required, appropriate selection of materials. This process can help clients and architects to keep their design within budget. Please feel free to contact Warwick if you would like to discuss either of these options further.

At Warwick Constructions we set  rigorous standards and are  committed to quality and detail. This commitment is our signature we stamp on each project and is embodied by a rigorous approach to quality as well as a comprehensive project Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&M Manual) we provide to all clients at project completion.  

The O&M Manual can be several volumes and comprises as-built project details and a very useful "how to" guide, specific to our client’s new house or renovation. It comprises such information as; care & maintenance instructions on all finishes and fittings, invoices for Appliances and Sanitaryware (for warranty purposes), hundreds of progressive construction photos such as at framing stage immediately prior to plasterboard. There’s also a detailed record of final materials and finishes selection and as built drawings.