Warwick Constructions Pty Ltd

Incident Reporting Procedure

Incident Reporting Policy

Warwick Constructions Pty Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment, and ensuring all our work practices are conducted safely.


All injuries/illnesses and incidents sustained at work must be reported immediately and recorded in the site Register of Injury/Disease so that appropriate treatment can be given, the causes investigated, and control measures implemented as soon as possible to prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future.  Near misses that did not cause injury must also be reported.


Regardless of how insignificant they may appear to be, in the event of all Employee and contractor injuries, incidents, near misses and accidents on site - employees and subcontractors MUST:

·       notify Warwick Constructions and their employer, as well as

·       complete the form in the "Register of Injury/Disease" on site

·       Note If the incident requires medical treatment or is significant or serious, WorkSafe must also be notified