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Some of the things we have heard from our customers, clients and owners of projects we have worked on.

“.. an amazing level of professionalism, organisation and attention to detail.

We expected the build process to be the most stressful of the entire project, but Warwick and his team made it an absolute delight. They approached the job with an amazing level of professionalism, organisation and attention to detail. Their open and timely communication made decision making incredibly easy, while the friendliness of all Warwick Constructions staff meant that discussions were not only productive, but immensely enjoyable. We would absolutely recommend Warwick Constructions for any project without hesitation.

 Shaun and Jess - Elsternwick


 We could not have been happier with this project! Working with Warwick and his team far exceeded our expectations. At the start of this project, Warwick told us that it was his aim for us to have an enjoyable experience. At first, I was dubious, thinking that that couldn’t possibly happen, especially after hearing plenty of horror stories about the hardship and stress of construction and renovation, but it was absolutely fantastic - I still can’t believe how much fun we had! Even when problems and potential issues arose, it was all smoothed over instantly, so the entire process ran like clockwork, causing no stress to us.

Due to the high levels of organisation of Warwick and his team, instead of our home being ready in February, when it was due, we were able to move in at the start of December, well ahead of schedule and just in time for Christmas! The job was a huge renovation, so to finish it in ten months was a massive achievement. I’ve never heard of any other builders getting their projects ready this early, it was simply amazing for our family.

The pricing were completely transparent and open, which was one of the many things we loved about Warwick Constructions. Everything was divided up so you could see exactly where the costs were coming from and any added expenses were actually all changes that we requested. Warwick always tried so hard to get us the best price, going to incredible effort to pass on the best deal, saving us money wherever possible.

Another aspect that deeply impressed us was the effort that Warwick and his team went to, in order to deliver upmost quality. The team was extremely thorough and pedantic, and went above and beyond their requirements. Warwick had some things replaced, like the splash backs in our kitchen, because he personally didn’t believe them to be up to his company’s standards. He ensured that everything was done perfectly, regardless of how much extra effort it required. Thanks to Warwick’s keen eye for detail, we are so happy and comfortable in our home today.

We had regular site meetings, ensuring that there was seamless communication between the team and us. Due to the friendly and humorous attitude of Warwick and the team, the meetings became something that I actively looked forward to, as they were so much fun, and I always I had a good laugh.

We recommend Warwick Constructions to everyone, without hesitation, and will absolutely continue to do so.

Melinda and Michael - Camberwell

“We valued highly the positive, honest and good natured qualities that characterise Warwick Constructions”

As clients, we have pleasure in endorsing Warwick Constructions as builders of quality. Warwick Constructions' renovation of our 1930s home, as well as a significant extension onto our home, has exceeded our expectations altogether. The communication and process for operation that underpins Warwick's work is outstanding. Regular meetings outlining the process, gave us opportunity for planning, questions, and changes as the work progressed. All matters, large and small, were thoroughly worked through. Attention to detail was very important. Warwick Constructions were reliable in delivering what they said they would, and in fact, completed the work 3 months before the scheduled date - without compromising quality! This unexpected but welcomed outcome was because of 1.Extraordinary efficiency around organisation, and 2. Management of the skilled and hard working staff employed by Warwick Constructions, and the subcontractors they engaged for the project.

The team consistently managed expected and unexpected challenges, with professionalism, good humour and respect.

We valued highly the positive, honest and good natured qualities that characterise Warwick Constructions.Our working relationship with Warwick and his team absolutely minimised the stress of building.

We are left with a beautiful home and wonderful memories.

Peter and Maria - Kew

  “We were very happy with how the project was carried out, completed and finished - the level of detail and quality of the project was absolutely exceptional.”

We were extremely happy with how Warwick and the team at Warwick Construction managed the project. They were very good at communicating at every aspect of the project, and their transparency and honesty throughout the entire process made us feel very confident. Warwick was very helpful and approachable as were all team members working on site. Their professionalism is second to none. We were very happy with how the project was carried out, completed and finished - the level of detail and quality of the project was absolutely exceptional. However, one of the things that stood out most to us was the post completion interactions. If anything was wrong or misunderstood, Warwick was here in a flash to sort things out and explain anything - nothing was ever too much of a problem. We were also provided with manuals during the handover, which included everything we needed to know and were part of a fabulous and a very professional way to hand over the job. After six years of living here, we are very happy with our home.

Gill and Giles - Camberwell

“Warwick Constructions was very considerate and extremely well prepared, so we found the handover to be a very well executed process. “

Overall, we were very happy with the project. It ran smoothly and was completed on schedule. The handover is often a very a difficult time, but the team at Warwick Constructions was very considerate and extremely well prepared, so we found the handover to be a very well executed process.

In reference to cost, we found the pricing to be fair and transparent, with no hidden additional charges. Prices were competitive and we really appreciated being informed about any possible variations and costs immediately, ensuring no surprises further down the track.

We were very happy with the quality of the job. We really appreciated the way the team continually looked for ways to improve the plan, save a bit of money or just generally do things better. Whenever we dropped in to the property, everyone was very friendly, used our names and said hello, which made us feel very welcome. It was a very positive experience. Even our neighbours regarded the manner of the team, one approaching me in the street to inform me of the consideration from the builders throughout the entire process, their friendly disposition and awareness. We would definitely recommend Warwick Constructions.

 Flavia and James - Middle Park

We were exceptionally happy with the whole project and how smoothly it ran. We were a slightly different case, as when the house was being built we were living overseas, however this did not affect our enjoyment, as we still felt very involved in the entire process. I managed to visit the site a few times during the construction,and was made to feel very welcome by the friendly team. Warwick has excellent communication skills, which was especially important to us, being abroad for majority of the project. He constantly kept us updated, sending through photos of the progress every few weeks.

We were deeply impressed with the quality of our home. Everything was designed to suit us, and every solution that was provided was really nicely thought out and never strayed too far from our vision. Warwick and his team evidently have very thorough experience and knowledge and whatever had to be done, was done and done well.

Throughout the whole project, we found the team to be very fair with their pricing. When we decided to make changes and variations, we knew exactly the cost adjustments and implications in advance. In addition, we got every bill from their suppliers so we knew exactly where the costs were. It was a very open process, which made us feel very reassured and confident.

We are very grateful to Warwick Constructions for creating our dream.

Allain and Eva – East Malvern

We were deeply impressed with the quality of our home”


Thanks to the team at Warwick Constructions, an amazing home has been created! The boys were a delight to work with, always friendly and approachable, and really made the experience as stress free as possible.

Warwick had a real focus on build quality, and constantly ensured that everything was to the highest possible standard. The communication was seamless, especially between Warwick and the architect. This ability to collaborate was key in the development of our dream home, which we are extremely happy with.

The team delivered exceptional time management skills and economic aptitude in managing to finish the project early, entirely within our budget. However, the handover process and rectification period was the ultimate testimony to the organisation of Warwick Constructions. It was such a smooth process, and Warwick and the team were so responsive throughout. They provided a comprehensive “Operations Manual”with all necessary information and guides to ensure our understanding of how everything worked, making it so easy for us to settle in. We are thrilled with the result!

Andrea and Steve - Elwood


“The quality of the house was impeccable and the handover was a simply magnificent experience”

As an extremely satisfied client, I would absolutely recommend Warwick Constructions to anyone, without a second thought. The team were so friendly and approachable and made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. Even before the project began, we were so confident that we didn’t ask for tenders, we knew we wanted Warwick to do the job and his honesty and openness as well as the detail in his costings assured us that he was putting up a fair price. It was a very thorough and transparent process, and my confidence and faith never wavered throughout the entire project.

I didn’t have to hassle the builders at all, yet the project was entirely finished on time. It is a testament to their great organisational skillsThe quality of the house was impeccable and the handover was simply a magnificent experience. Warwick and the architect had furnished the whole place, everything was one hundred percent done, there were flowers and music, and a little movie was made of the process, so I could remember it forever. It truly took the stress and tension out of building and made it such an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Dorothy - Camberwell

We really enjoyed this project, and were so happy with how smoothly everything ran. The architect and Warwick worked very well together, which made it really easy and less stressful for us. Without any worries, assured that everything was running according to plan, we were able to sit back, relax and watch our project grow.

The prices at Warwick Constructions were very competitive, and this, combined with their open and honest approach, led us to choose them as our preferred builder. The team had exceptional communication skills and were extremely organised to the point that the project was completed well ahead of time, without compromising quality, which was of huge benefit to us.

The team were really reliable and friendly, we visited the site a few times throughout the build, and were always made to feel very welcome. We would like to thank the Warwick Constructions team, for their tremendous effort and will continue to highly endorse them in the future.

Georgie and John – Albert Park

“The team had exceptional communication skills and were extremely organised to the point that the project was completed well ahead of time, without compromising quality”

After discussions with several builders, we chose Warwick Constructions for our residential building project in Albert Park. They were also recommended to our Architect by another member of that profession. We assessed four builders, but Warwick Constructions was very competitive, and the honest and ample detail provided, gave us reassurance that they were definitely our preferred builder.

We have been involved in similar building projects, we had a good idea of the whole process and told Warwick Constructions that we would be frequent visitors to the site during construction. They had no problems with that, and in fact encouraged it and
 made us feel welcome, creating an enjoyable experience for us.

The project time scale was 12 months, a realistic time given the complexity of the project and the tight inner city location, and the building was handed over on the due date,
 one hundred percent complete, thanks to the exceptional organisational skills of the Warwick Constructions team.

They were very 
transparent in their pricing, making us feel at ease. The contracted price was exceeded by 3%, however this was entirely due to some additional requirements specified by us during the construction period (and not included in the tendered price), and therefore outside the Builder’s control. They were very receptive and helpful with any changes we wanted to make.

At all times, onsite management, labour and contractors were 
professional, courteous and respectful of the neighbours’ rights and wishes, and where issues were raised, they were dealt with fairly and quickly. The general comments to us were along the lines of “I wish all Builders were like yours”.

The building has now been completed for about 18 months, with only some relatively minor items requiring attention, which have been dealt with in a professional and timely manner. The 
exceptional quality of the building is evident for all to see.

We would have 
no hesitation in recommending Warwick Constructions for similar projects in the future.

- Geoff and Jenny, Albert Park

"the building was handed over on the due date, one hundred percent complete, thanks to the exceptional organisational skills of the Warwick Constructions team.


Having had experience in the building industry, we know that projects like these can be very stressful, particularly towards the end, however, our experience with Warwick Constructions was quite the opposite. All aspects of the project ran smoothly and without causing any trouble to us, including the handover and any variations we requested. Warwick Construction’s open pricing was competitive and fair, and we were exceptionally happy with the quality of our home.

Despite the fact that the company is positive on all fronts, an extremely strong point of difference was their ability to communicate. Warwick was successful through all elements of communication, and his team were equally receptive and approachable. His ability to manage expectations, thorough contact and strong connection with clients, is the reason that I happily recommend Warwick Constructions to everyone. Although we were incredibly happy with the entire process, communication is an area that Warwick Constructions really dominates within the industry. 

- Stuart and Kelly, Hawthorn 

"Communication is an area that Warwick Constructions really dominates"